Weight of the week, 31

This week I reached my realistic goal!
Lowest weight: 64,7
Highest weight: 66,7
Average weight: 65,5
Improved lowest this week0,2
Improved highest this week: 0,8
Improved average this week: 0,6
Realistic goal: 64,7 Check!
Dream goal: 64,2
Weight curve:
Goals for next week:
Realistic goal: 64,2
Dream goal: 63,9

Weight of the month, July

Lowest weight: 64,9 67,4
Highest weight: 68,9 69,7
Average weight: 66,7 68,8
Improved lowest this month: 2,5
Improved highest this month: 0,8
Improved average this month: 2,1
Weight curve:

Weight of the week, 30

This week I reached both my realistic goal and my dream goal!
Lowest weight: 64,9
Highest weight: 67,5
Average weight: 66,1
Improved lowest this week0,7
Improved highest this week: + 0,3
Improved average this week: 0,2
Realistic goal: 65,4 Check!
Dream goal: 64,9 Check!
Weight curve:
Goals for next week:
Realistic goal: 64,7
Dream goal: 64,2
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