Weight of the week, 34

Lowest weight: 63,8
Highest weight: 65,6 
Average weight: 65,0
Improved lowest this week0,6
Improved highest this week: 0,3
Improved average this week: 0,3
Goal for this week:(average weight) 65,5 Reached!
Goals for next weeks average weight: 65,0
Weight curve:

My goal curve

This is my goal curve, and as you can see I am doing JUST FINE! :D I set my starting weight that I was at week 25 when I started, and I have given myself the year out to reach my goal weigt, 58 kg. I am a little bit sceptical to if I am going to be able to reach 58 kilos, I am thinking that it might be a little bit to much, because I want to reach a weight that I am comfortable with. Then if it is 60 och 62 kilos, that will be fine as well. Right now that I am writing this, my average weight is 65 kilos, and I am starting to feel lika I am close to my goal. That said, I fell like losing 7 kilos more will make me a really skinny person... But I don't know. We will see.
The reason I want to have the average weight as a goal is that I don't believe the scale every day that I step up on it. Even though I make sure to get it as close as I can to the truth (alway waying myself naked, in the morning after I have peed) it can change a lot from day to day. And if I calculate the average weight each day, I think I get a more thruthfully number.
However, the dark line is my average weight each week, and the light line is my goal each week. This way I can see if I am in the right weight.
And to all you guys out there who also want to lose weight I just want to say that here you can see that you don't have to change your diet  to lose the extras. I have simply just been orking out at the gym to reach this. The only thing around food that I have changed, is that I on't drink 1 litre of Coca Cola each day, and I tro not to eat candy and crackers every day. But on the weekends I totally go crazy with the Coca Cola and candy. Waaaay to crazy some days. And remember, when I say weekends.... For me, that is Saturday and Sunday.... and Friday..... And sometimes when I have a day off in the middle of the week ;)

Weight of the week, 33

This week I didn't reach any of my goals, but that might be because I have had a lot of other things going on this week, and I haven't spent a lot of time at the gym. From this week I have made a weight plan that I will show you in a separate post, and according to that plan I am waaaaay ahead. That feels great! The reason for the goal change is that I now have made a long plan for a lot of weeks, and I actually don't feel like the lowest weight is very accurate. It can easily be manipulated(I just don't drink ANYTHING the day before, and then it will be very low) and that is not healthy.
Lowest weight: 64,4
Highest weight: 65,9
Average weight: 65,3
Improved lowest this week: 0,0
Improved highest this week: 0,1
Improved average this week: +0,3
Realistic goal: 64,2
Dream goal: 63,9
Goals for next weeks average weight: 66,0
Weight curve: