My goal curve

This is my goal curve, and as you can see I am doing JUST FINE! :D I set my starting weight that I was at week 25 when I started, and I have given myself the year out to reach my goal weigt, 58 kg. I am a little bit sceptical to if I am going to be able to reach 58 kilos, I am thinking that it might be a little bit to much, because I want to reach a weight that I am comfortable with. Then if it is 60 och 62 kilos, that will be fine as well. Right now that I am writing this, my average weight is 65 kilos, and I am starting to feel lika I am close to my goal. That said, I fell like losing 7 kilos more will make me a really skinny person... But I don't know. We will see.
The reason I want to have the average weight as a goal is that I don't believe the scale every day that I step up on it. Even though I make sure to get it as close as I can to the truth (alway waying myself naked, in the morning after I have peed) it can change a lot from day to day. And if I calculate the average weight each day, I think I get a more thruthfully number.
However, the dark line is my average weight each week, and the light line is my goal each week. This way I can see if I am in the right weight.
And to all you guys out there who also want to lose weight I just want to say that here you can see that you don't have to change your diet  to lose the extras. I have simply just been orking out at the gym to reach this. The only thing around food that I have changed, is that I on't drink 1 litre of Coca Cola each day, and I tro not to eat candy and crackers every day. But on the weekends I totally go crazy with the Coca Cola and candy. Waaaay to crazy some days. And remember, when I say weekends.... For me, that is Saturday and Sunday.... and Friday..... And sometimes when I have a day off in the middle of the week ;)
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